Scenic Mountain Air

Kenai Fjords National Park and Harding Ice fields

You will see more flying with us because we are in the midst of the beauty, We’re located in the mountain and glacier scenery, not an hour away from it. Ever dream of flying to glaciers,over ice fields,or fjords? Or fly with a pilot who flies top professional photographers?


“You can see more of Alaska in one hour of flying that thirty days of driving”


Safety, Safety, Safety, We offer only Float Plane Tours, to any place in Alaska. From our location here on Trail Lake you do not need to fly an hour to get to the Places you want to see and photograph.  We have been OFFERING the best Value FLIGHT-seeing tours in Alaska.

Also many guides and solo fisherman take advantage of our fly-in fishing for grayling and rainbow trout.

We have provided safe transportation to USFS cabins near Moose Pass since 1991. We are celebrating our twenty five year in 2015. Trail Lake in Moose Pass is just a half-hour north of Seward at MP 29. There we have our six-place Cessna on floats which can take five passengers, or up to 800 pounds. 

Also here we operate our world famous Alaska Bush Flying and Seaplane training school, Alaska Float Ratings.  www.alaskafloatratings.com 


 ”This is what you’ll talk about after you’ve forgotten the boat ride!”



Passengers just rave about their flight with us! They like their pilot because our pilots make it fun, entertaining, and informative. Our pilots love flying over this land as much as the passengers do. They tell me they never get bored.


  “A photograph around every corner!”


The glacier-carved, steep-walled valleys which open up into wide expanses with turquoise lakes are fantastic — and then around the next corner a massive ice field! — or a drop off into a deep fjord!


“Like flying in a National Geographic Special!” 







Scenic Mountain Air is a small Float Plane only charter operation.  We are based on Trail Lake in Moose Pass, Alaska. MP 29 of the Seward Hwy.