It was so much fun. Beautiful scenery. And no other people around.” During most of the summer we specialize in grayling (up to 22 inches), and rainbow trout (up to 24 inches). During the last half of August, we fly out for fresh silver salmon (up to 16 pounds). Though we cannot always promise fish, we will only take you to the places where our guests have been catching fish recently. We offer spinning fishing equipment, along with hip boots. Ask about guided fly-in fishing.


This lake is so much fun to fish. Sometimes the grayling are small, but lots of them. It’s fun for every age — kids too. And I’ve never seen more than just 2-3 other people at the lake where you are flown to — no combat fishing here. Not to mention spectacular scenery.We encourage catch-and-release. However, if you have the facilities (and there are B&B’s locally here with fully-equipped kitchens), keep a grayling or rainbow trout to taste. They’re a mild fish, just with some small bones.

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In August, we’ve got the hottest spot for fresh, just-out-of-the-salt-water silver salmon there is! It’s a bit of a distance from us, so it costs more to fly there than for grayling or rainbows, but the size and freshness of these salmon make it worth it! These you can take home with you! Pack your own lunch or buy it at the deli about a block away.