Download a Registration form or Reserve Now Online!  << See below for   Alaska Floatplane Safari  – New Rates flight tours for 2021 Passengers mean the minimum number and a maximum number of passengers the particular aircraft will hold.

Scenic Mountain Air 2021 Charter Aircraft and Rates:

Rates for the Cessna 206 is $700/hr.  Minimum charge $650.00 Plus any applicable fees
                    Rates for PA-18 Super cub is $375/hr. Min charge $375…$425/hr. on Tundra tires, 
           Min 2 hours $475 on wheel skies Min 2 hours

Rates on Tundra tires or Skis  will be determined by risk factors and locations

**Attention please:   WE ARE NOT A SCHEDULED AIRLINE. We will make every effort TO GET YOU IN AND BACK WHEN YOU REQUEST.   WITH ONLY ONE C-206 for the cabin drop offs and pickups it is impossible to meets everyone desires.

For DEPOSIT WE ACCEPT Cash, Checks (must be received 3 weeks in advance) Credit cards ( 3% credit card convenience fee will apply)

 *Above prices are subject to change due to fluctuating fuel costs and insurance cost increases. 

NOTE:  Regretfully we had to make a decision, to stop the cabin drop offs or raise the rates: So until we decide to stop the cabin drop offs the following flat rates will apply.

Rates for fly-ins to the following lakes

Crescent Lake and Bench Lake have excellent trophy grayling fishing:   $450/flight i.e. $900 drop off and pick up. Johnson Lake is accessible by 20 minute hike from Bench Lake.  We can drop you off at Johnson…  It is 


Both of these lakes can have high unforecast winds pop up.  If this happens you might have to wait for pick up. (Use your satellite phone) You should not plan a day fishing trip without being aware and prepared for the vagaries of Alaska weather.


Prior to booking please read note at bottom of this page:   Fly-in drop offs and pick up to the following Forest Service Cabins apply for the 2021:   $550 per flight. I.e. $1100 for fly-in drop off and pickup,

Upper Paradise, Lower Paradise. Upper Russian, Juneau, Trout, E. Swan, W. Swan, Lost Lake. 

Please call for other destinations, ie.  Green Island, Stump Lake (montague Island) destinations in Prince William Sound, Etc. Rate will be base on current charter rate.

Please read the following carefully and maybe read it twice! 

We sincerely want you to enjoy your Alaskan wilderness adventure. The key word here wilderness. We have been flying into the various Forrest Service cabins and mountain lakes in our area for 28 years now. Each year it seems we have one or two clients that, well maybe they should not consider a fly out in the Alaskan wilderness.

Please recognize that this is wild unpredictable Alaska Bush flying.  Our pilots are highly skilled and have a 100% safety record.

The rate is for one flight in and one flight out. Safety is paramount!  Our pilots have the sole decision making responsibility to land or not. To drop you off or not.  If weather i.e. winds, rain, low ceilings prevent us from getting you out in one trip you are expected to pay for an additional trip.  How can this be?  Every lake with a cabin on it that you want to fly out to is very remote and in the mountains. The reason you want to go there.

Rarely. Only once last year we had to split the return trip into two flights due to winds.  So it happens. Be prepared, if you are the one to PAY!  I only wish that you could be in our ops office when we are trying to make the go-no-go decision to pick you up. The man hours involved, decision discussions, phone calls to FAA weather, etc. can take hours. Sometimes days. All for your and our safety.

None of the above is meant to dissuade you from your Alaska Adventure.  It is only my weak attempt to better inform.


Please conform to the following suggestions:

  1. Plan, research, be prepared, physically, mentally, recognizing you are leaving civilization. Once you get dropped off you are on your own.


   2. Max weight:  Passenger and gear is 800-850# depending on flight distance.  Pack light.  Like a backpacker.

      You do  not need to haul in everything. 


   3. Everything you plan to bring MUST be in flexible duffel type bags. Preferably waterproof.  

      No more than 40# Float planes are difficult to load and off load. Plan to help. Prepare to get wet.

      Hip boots are a good plan.


   4. Satellite Phone…We will not fly you out if you do not have a Satellite phone.  The reasonable cost of rent is a

      small, compared to the cost to pay for and extra flight when you could have called and told us not to come..

      (If you do not have one we have one to rent you) Last season we had two emergency pickups requested

      because they had satellite phone. That could have been disastrous if the client had not got to a hospital.  

      Satellite phones are a “Safety First” item in your travel plans.


      *****Please do not hesitate to call me personally for additional information. 


Hope to see you in Alaska.  


   907 362 9178 or email vernkingsford@yahoo.com

Due to limited supply, early deposits are suggested. All flights are weather dependent. A number of passengers and gear cannot exceed the available space and payload for the particular aircraft.

 From Trail Lake, Moose Pass, Alaska C-206 on floats


45 minutes











Pt . Graham

45 minutes


1.2 hours


55 minutes


35 minutes


30 minutes


1 hour


1.5 hours


1 hour


1.4 hours


1.5 hours



These PRICES are for the Cessna 206 on floats with a maximum of 850 pounds of passengers and luggage,

less if longer distance due to required fuel.

Pilot waiting time is $150/hour, first 30 minutes FREE, for passengers wanting to return the same day.
Call Main Office:
907-288-3646 in Moose Pass.
Or During Off season e-mail me: 
vernkingsford@yahoo.com (Be sure to leave a message, If I don’t answer.)

Flightseeing from Trail Lake in Moose Pass


30 minutes


Glaciers and Wildlife Tour


2 Pax - $149 pp

3 Pax - $99 pp


1 Hour


Glaciers / Icefield and Wildlife Tour


2 Pax - $298 pp

3 Pax - $199 pp


1 hr . 30 min.


Kenai Fjords / Harding Icefield Tour or Wildlife Tour


2 Pax - $449 pp

3 Pax - $299 pp



PWS Tour

Prince William Sound / College Fjords – 2 hour flight


2 Pax - $549 pp

3 Pax - $369 pp



Mt. McKinley


Mt. McKinley/Denali Park Flightseeing – 4.5 hour flight Includes a rest stop in Big Lake.


Call for Price 


Grayling at Bench Lake-min.jpg


Fly-in Fishing

For Gray-ling or rainbow trout, d/o and p/u, unguided   


3 Pax - $450.00 per person


Silver Salmon Fly-in


For fresh silver salmon, drop-off, and pick-up


Call for Price